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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Review by Eleftheria from Thessaloniki Greece:   

10 out of 10

"I have been participated in Aggeliki's Yoga Retreat in Corfu island during August 2014. It was a great holiday where relaxation, meditation and fun came in one packet  Aggeliki's nice spirit and good energy in combination with wonderful island of Corfu make us to have a wonderful time there. I strongly recommended." 

Review by Lia:   

9 out of 10

"I will say just five words. Sun, sea, yoga, calm and no stress! Waiting for the next Retreat!"

Review by Bill:   

9 out of 10

"Yoga was relaxing and power at the same way. Feeling calm and refreshed. Corfu is great and amazing island. Counseling make me feel different and holistic healing gave me the opportunity to heal my chronic migraine. Just greatful."

Review by Kathrin:   

10 out of 10

"Having trouble with overweight and this caused problems in my personal relationships. I was looking for something that could get me away from the stress of everyday life and I had decided that I want to change the way of my life. I just needed a reason to start and that was the 4days Retreat in Corfu that I found randomly on the internet. I couldn't imagined what would follow. The holistic treatment and 4 days I gave myself helped me understand what is most important and meaningful to me. I understood why I was overweight and I'm grateful that I met and experienced the actual therapy through holistic therapy."

Review by Elena:   

10 out of 10

"The Retreat was an holistic healing reality. I felt amazing and calm in the same way. Reiki make me understand my inner self and make me feel renewal. Every day of the 4 days Retreat we had a new experience. That experience remind me how important is to understand yourself and give him a true healing. I still practice in yoga until today and managed to bring balance to my everyday life. I believe everyone deserve peace and love and can find it just by searching the real inside us herself. These learned in 4-day trip. I am thankful!"

Review by Eirini:   

10 out of 10

"Healing Paradise:

The previous summer I have participated in a yoga retreat that was spectacular! The Yoga Teacher had organized everything in a perfect way! The retreat took place in a summer resort with marvelous environment, nature, flowers, trees, swimming pool which all played a very important role in the necessary atmosphere for Hatha Yoga lessons that we had early every morning! I remember how gorgeous and healing was to see the sunrise and calm and bright to have your Yoga lessons in the countryside!

We had also reiki sessions that we enjoyed as well and after that I felt enlightened, calm, serene, happy and full of energy! The teacher helped as also with guided meditations and yoga lessons in the evenings with the wonderful summer breeze that could be easily felt! I felt completely transformed after that retreat that made me have a deep profound connection with my Higher Self and I would recommend such yoga retreats to everyone who wants to be reborn internally and to feel such a deep connection to one's Self!

It's a magical unique experience and I want to thank my yoga teacher very much for everything I have felt, learned and experienced there!!Don't miss that opportunity!!It's one in a lifetime!!"


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